Granted Patents

N.G. Than, A.L. Tarca, G. Juhasz, K.A. Kekesi, H. Meiri, Z. Papp, R. Romero:

Biomarker test for prediction or early detection of preeclampsia and/or HELLP syndrome.

China - 2018 (CN104704364B)

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Early screening >


Accurate diagnosis >


Personalized treatment >

Our technology are based on our 'omics' studies and systems biology analyses of preeclampsia disease pathways. Our screening test identifies women with high risk of developing preeclampsia later in pregnancy already in the first trimester. The test has higher sensitivity than currently available tests on the market. The test also guides doctors who shall be treated with available drugs for the personalized prevention of preeclampsia.



Mothers and Children:

  • identification of high risk well before symptoms develop

  • disease prevention with personalized care

  • longer and healthier life